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when you trying your hardest not to nut but she moaning “uh yes, right there”

Yoo lmao 😂




ladies: if you decide to send a nigga a nude, do yourself a favor and screenshot the inevitable begging that took place beforehand

Also: neeeeever put your face in it

also: don’t send nudes to niggas that act childish when they can’t get their way

Ahaha foreal

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I bet you’d sound adorable moaning my name.

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"Whether we work in coal mines or coffee shops, on factory assembly lines or at grocery store conveyer belts, whether we are undocumented, single mothers, or queer, as working class people we are all similarly deprived of the wealth we create. To assign a revolutionary role to the working class does not mean to value miners, construction workers, or factory workers (all very masculine roles) over social groups such as the undocumented or the unemployed (themselves segments of the working class). The working class does not simply exist in relation to the Factory; we exist in relation to our landlords in apartment complexes, in relation to our neighborhoods and our neighbors, and so forth. In short, the working class is immersed in a world far more expansive than their place of work. Working class revolution should never be confused for workplace revolution."

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